Need to decide what to do w cabinets

Rachel Dauchy
29 Juni 2016

We are moving into a new house, and I am not sure if I should have the cabinets repainted, or if I should have new ones put in. I also would like to put in a wine fridge with the bar area. My last house had a brand new kitchen, and I didn't need to do a thing. These cabinets are 12 years old, so they probably do not need to be replaced at this point, but I need a whole new look. Thanks!

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  • happyleg

    The cabinets are nice. But you could put plainer door fronts on. Don't paint. Some people won't like paint. Take down wall paper, there are a lot of people don't like it.

  • drbarb03
    The photos are the new house you are moving into, correct? The cabinets are nice. I probably would have gone lighter or darker with the color of the hardwood, but I actually like them. Before you go to the expense of refacing or replacing perfectly good cabinets and counters, change the wall and the backsplash (which doesn't seem to fit the kitchen very well, in my eyes). Those two relatively inexpensive changes will totally change the look.
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  • Ellen Dorado
    Hi. I agree with taking down the wallpapers and paint the walls instead. The cabinets are worth to keep along with the counters. To get your new look, you may want to give the lines some darker depth. And the base darker too. It will make a good accent from the floor where it is now.
    Have fun!
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  • Rachel Dauchy

    all great ideas, thanks!!

  • er612

    I don't see any reason to change the cabinets but I'd replace the backsplash (at least on the fridge side) right away. I would remove a stack of the bar cabinets and find a wine fridge that will slide under the counter. I'm curious though, what is above the green fireplace wall? Is it just a really large wallpaper border?

  • Jennifer Havin

    new backsplash, get rid of counter up wall, can you add upper cabinets to go to ceiling? new hardware, will wine cooler fit in bar area? get rid of wallpaper and border, add new chandelier/light fixture over dining area. under cabinet lighting

  • Bev

    Beautiful cabinets! I would not alter or change them. The first thing you need to do to update is get rid of the wallpaper and border. That definitely dates the kitchen! You can also enhance the beautiful wood cabinets by painting your kitchen a light blue or green. Does not have to a strong color, just a hint of either color will work!

  • PRO
    Bizzy Lizzy Designs, Inc.
    Hi Rachel, contrary to everyone else I actually think you should paint the cabinets. The right color will enhance the floor and the countertops, right now they don't do anything for each other.
  • Barbara Lane
    You could paint out the island for contrast... Start with that and see how you like it...as well as the wall and backsplash suggestions...
  • PRO
    Gravity Decor Store

    Hi Rachel,

    I think pictures are of your new house. The Cabinets are looking in good condition and I would not recommend to change these cabinets. If you want to change anything you can replace the backsplash. Another option for enhancing the look is to paint the kitchen with light color.

  • flopsycat1

    Hope the wallpaper, green paint and antelope head are or will be deleted from your new home. Don't rush into painting the cabinets. They appear to be in good condition. Make other changes, as suggested above, then reassess.

  • Rachel Dauchy
    Ha ha I should say that yes, this is the house we are moving into, all the wallpaper and animal heads will be GONE
  • susanalanandwrigley

    I wouldn't change anything except hardware, wall color, wallpaper removal, until you live there for a while ... reason being that my guess is you will eventually want to redo the entire kitchen because the layout seems pretty inefficient, so rather than put a lot of money into temporary updates, wait until you see if you want to keep the layout or not. I'd hate to see you put a lot of money into cabinet updates just to realize a few months down the line that the layout just doesn't work, then you've just wasted a ton of money that could have been saved toward a complete update.

  • acm


    I'm in the paint-them camp, but it's a huge project (and a nontrivial expense with the size of your kitchen), so agree with others to start with backsplash and island and give yourself a chance to get to know the place -- you'll have a better perspective on the cabinets and layout after a year.

    Also, since I think nobody has mentioned it, I'd replace all the tiny knobs with something a little more substantial -- nice arched pulls would look lovely here, whether on wood or paint.

  • goodashu
    These cabinets look pretty neat. Try a dark polish, even black, for cabinets and light wall color for contrast. You may also try new sleek hardware for cosmopolitan look.
  • smit2380

    I am in the do not paint until you live there for a little bit group. (I hate painted cabinets, so I personally would never paint. They look great to me..However, it is your house.)

  • PRO
    Patricia Colwell Consulting

    IMO the layout sucks I would live with it for 6 months see what you like and what you don’t then hire a kitchen designer to make the most out of this great space

  • PRO
    GlideRite Hardware


    The kitchen is in great condition. Whichever way you decide to go, updating the cabinet hardware will make a huge difference without a huge expense. You could add pulls to cabinets and complimenting knobs on the drawers. Please let us know if we can assist you with anything: http://www.houzz.com/pro/glideritehardware/__public

    Good luck!

    GlideRite Hardware

  • PRO
    Century Hardware

    Try updating your cabinet hardware. It looks like there are only knobs being used right now, using pulls and knobs would be a great way to compliment your kitchen!

    Fiori Collection · Mer info

    [Start shopping now![(https://www.houzz.com/products/fiori-pull-prvw-vr~43658830?lid=30729236)

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