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Shirin Moarefi - Working part time with my art and active in Gothenburg, Sweden and have customers around the world. I mostly paint with acrylics but I also use mixedmedia when creating landscapes or other patintings. I’m an Artist, Graphic designer and a Free spirit. My greatest passion in life is to create with my hands and I´m really passionate about art. For me it’s therapy to give life to something from my inner soul. To create and shape something into existence based on my emotions is an indescribable feeling. The freedom I feel when I release all control of everything in life is the best way of healing my soul and my mind. I love to travel around the world seeing new places and meeting new people. That really nourishes my soul and fills me with inspiration, energy and happiness. I believe there is much to learn from nature and from deep inside of every person that I meet. Kindness is my religion and I think love is all what we truly need. The happiness and joy art brings into my life is a blessing that fulfills me and completes me. I love to play with my imagination and fantisize without limits. I´m a dreamer, I create my reality and my world I want to live in even if that means I’m breaking the rules. I’m walking my own path and finding my own right. Believe in your art, your heart and don´t forget to fly!

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Original artwork, prints and designed products.

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