What do you think of Pantone's Colour of the Year 2017?

Emmeline Westin
8 December 2016

Pantone has revealed their colour of the year and for 2017, it's all about going green. 'Greenery' is the shade du jour and the colour company describes it as a "zesty yellow-green shade that evokes the first days of spring when nature’s greens revive, restore and renew."

How do you feel about this uplifting colour? Is it something you'd consider for your home? Vote below and get opinionated! If you ask me, well, I think it looks suspiciously like the Houzz logo... ;)

Here are some examples of how one might use Greenery when decorating...

Vicksburg · Mer info

Richmond, 1930's refurbishment · Mer info

Contemporary white kitchen with a splash of green · Mer info

London Fields House · Mer info

Love it!
Loathe it...
Indifferent to it

Kommentarer (46)

  • Shelley Maniovich

    It looks a lot like Houzz green to me too... I love how vibrant it is!

  • PRO
    Trade at Houseology

    Adding a couple 'greenery' notes to your interior design is definitely a brave statement!

    What about this Heathfield & Co table lamp?

    Would you add this one?

  • PRO
    Craft and Confetti Boutique

    I love green I really do, it can be a really happy fresh colour, this is a bit to much for me, I would think that less is more when it comes to it. Really a accent colour rather than a full on one

  • Clare Ainsworth

    So Houzz-y, I love it! It is also a lovely spring like colour.

  • PRO
    Woodpecker Flooring

    We are loving this bright shake-up to the interior design scene. It's refreshing, calming and a shade that we see all around us from luscious grasses to swaying leaves. We celebrate colours that are found in our beautiful, natural environment and green is one of these!

  • PRO
    colour + shape

    I've always been a big fan of gorgeous greenery and used it on a recent project. Just the vibrant, refreshing colour to wake up to!

  • Tom Flanagan

    I love green but I'm more for dark, mossy, forest greens than bright, lime versions - not sure it's going to be my colour year!

  • louisecampbell09
    Although green is my favourite colour i detest lime green..
  • PRO
    Robbie Interiors

    Traditional Living room - Custom Built-in - Rancho Santa Fe · Mer info

    Traditional Living room - Custom Built-in - Rancho Santa Fe · Mer info

    Greenery is a beautiful happy, fresh and modern natural color! I love it and just recently used it on one of my San Diego CA interior design projects.

  • numberwoman

    I love it; green is my favourite colour and I use it for everything. I love to mix it with other cool colours like blues, mauves and light grey, but i really do not like the trend of mixing it with tones of brown

  • Kas Sommers
    Green is my favourite colour and I love this shade. (Not a fan of the "colour of the year" concept though. It feels like a marketing ploy to make us unsatisfied with what we have.)
  • jayashurst

    We may have this for the brick wall in the conservatory.

  • Marie Hawthorn

    I love greens but this shade is difficult to live with, it is jarring and does not promote harmony. In other words it's too 'in your face'. It's like having halogen lights instead of mood lighting.

  • Daisy May

    Not a fan of green.

  • hakiellis79
    When we first saw our house it was painted in shades of green, from the one colour card from fir to pistachio. Of course, I reacted, 15 years age I went chalk white and grey which I still love. I would love to use green but memories are still lingering.
  • viv mcc

    I would like the colour for accessories and odd touches. But I can't see me using it as full wall cover I like the idea of white units a green splash back as long as it was easy to change down the line.

  • soozmacrae

    I thought greens would be on trend this year. All shades, complement so many colours. I have this colour green in my hall but only as an accent colour.

  • PRO
    David Aldrich Designs Ltd
    Greens are always so easy to use and great for bringing the outside inside. I like this green.
  • karen_jan
    Already there !!
  • siwsanp

    I never thought I'd use such a colour, but I livened up a small bedroom I use as my sewing room and it is such a happy uplifting colour; I love it.

  • PRO

    We love it! It's so fresh and inviting

    Confetti Zest curtains from the Indigo Garden collection by Charlotte Beevor · Mer info

    Shutters · Mer info

  • PRO
    Eastern Weston Design

    In small doses! Maybe not a whole wall....

  • andihat

    Wow...I'm on trend! Had this as my accent colour in my open plan kitchen and dining rooms. Found this zesty green for kitchen cupboard plinths and fitted last year; they look great.

  • PRO
    BoConcept Manchester

    Although it is a nice colour and will add some vibrancy to any interiors, we feel it's a little late.

    Green has been big this year for SS16 so not sure, although trends can run longer than expected.

  • iolosdad
    I love it ! It looks like an apple green? Have they had a colour for every year or is this a new thing ?
  • Steve

    When using the description yellow-green I expected to see chartreuse. This green is more of an apple green as someone said. Although very fresh I would just use as a background for fabrics.

  • Karen O'Farrell

    Like it . Goes well with grey of all shades but also navy and coral for a more colourful look . Refreshing alternative to monochrome trend.

  • rachael_letham
    My favourite colour is green, but I find this shade to be a bit blah... they should have chosen a slightly fresher shade of green!
  • Caroline Mu Djuissi

    This colour is great for bringing a tropical element to an outdoor room, with complimentary architectural and oversized plants.

  • PRO
    Sandra Lawson Interiors
    Used as an accent colour this shade will be a great "pick me up" for neutral decor schemes- perfect for kitchen/breakfast rooms. However it is a very strong colour and could easily overwhelm a room and the people in it! Bright, Spring-like, zesty is not always what a room needs and whilst green is a restful colour, thus shade is not! Will work best in spaces with lots of natural light.
  • alundprice

    See Pantone Colour of the Year's use in recently completed garden wall features:

  • PRO
    Kernow Fires and Biomass

    Loving the green - bring it on!

  • maddiemo
    I must have been ahead of my time, but I painted a bathroom this colour about 20 years ago. It was painted over about a fortnight later when I knew beyond doubt it was simply unliveable!
  • sukiharrison
    I really do not like the colour green at all, except for in the garden !!
  • PRO

    I suppose you can't go wrong with the green colour

  • PRO
    bts concept store - interiors + lifestyle

    Love the children's room and the London fields house.

  • lilimac
    I like green, but it's a bit too green for me. It might feel like living with Astro Turf!
  • debanger3
    I like green but this shade scares me!
  • PRO
    Inkmill Vinyl

    Green is the most popular colour chosen for this kids dinosaur height chart in 2016. Looks like our customers are ahead of the curve!

    Kids Wall Stickers - Murals, height charts, name banners & decals for kids rooms · Mer info

  • PRO

    I like this colour, it`s fresh and brings light in. I would rather use it on accessories rather than painting the whole wall of it. Greenery is great when combined with raw wood like in this image showing our Emeco 111 Navy Dining Chairs in Grass, available in our store. http://www.e-side.co.uk/product/Emeco_111_Navy_Chair_GRASS

  • PRO

    Our customers' are already incorporating green within their decor! :)

    Customer's Photos · Mer info

    Customer's Photos · Mer info

  • PRO
    Button & Sprung

    We love Pantone's Colour of the Year - we think accents of green in a bedroom alongside some plant life helps to create a sense of nature and calm into a space, and also helps to beat those Winter blues. Like our Primrose bed in Fuchsia for example! :)

    A Vibrant Exotic Bedroom · Mer info

  • PRO
    Kings Carpets and Interiors

    We're loving Greenery here at King's Interiors' admin dept. We also
    didn't realise just how many fabulous shades of green we keep in stock -
    particularly for flooring!

    The green revolution is fresh, invigorating and full of life.

  • PRO
    Closet Queens

    Looks fab in some of the rooms, great in the right setting.

  • PRO
    PJC London

    I personally, rather than professionally, had a green kitchen in my last property and it was offset by a lovely oak worktop and green ceramic ceiling lamps. It was a very relaxing and soothing green in my opinion, apart from the evenings it was my turn to rustle up the dinner!

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