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wednesday morning

So be it that the Japanese can make a machine to remove stains from cloth. That is not the technology that the rest of the world uses. Until we are all using those machines, my agitating washer does a pretty good job without anything added to the water.

jennifer, what do those people do with their garbage? How do they manage to be "non wasteful" with it?

Last year, while traveling in southern Italy, I kept seeing all of these little streams of smoke coming from here and from there. Turns out that it was people burning their own garbage. And, this was not out in the country. This was in small towns and highly populated areas. Apparently , trash pickup is a luxury that some don't pay for in Italy.

They also do not have clothes dryers and I suspect that they don't have dishwashers, either. Southern Italy is full of clotheslines. I did not see any dishes hanging out to dry, but it is unlikely that they have dishwashers since they don't have dryers.

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Carin Barbanel

@jenniferacheson Exactly! Easiest habits? Turn off drying mode in modern dishwashers, just a touch does it! Many New Yorkers use drying racks for clothes and sheets (not jeans, towels) lets us curtail using humidifiers also. Being energy efficient, carrying and reusing bags instead of getting new paper or plastic every time one goes to market are habits that can be taught, like covering your nose and mouth with the inside of your elbow instead of your hand. Making it friendly, not condescending and judgmental can get us to tipping point.

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wednesday morning

Bring back the back yard clothesline!!!! I have one out my back door.

I was looking at the photo shoots that are part of the original article and there is one of a kitchen that is somewhat rustic and has a small sink for washing dishes and has a rack of some sort above the sink, presumingly to place the just washed dishes where they reside, elegantly and awaiting the next use. However, one would have to be freakishly tall to reach anything on that rack that is high up on the wall over the sink!!! That is pure hand washing porn!!!

Then, there is one of a sink of sudsy goodness with a scrubby brush just seductively lounging in it. In the tub with it is a wine glass filled with white frothy suds and there is an imposing large dish in the background, just watching the action.

There is another of a young woman lost in contemplative thought as she gazes out the big beautiful opened window into what we imagine is the delightful sun drenched garden as she gently and lovingly washes up.

If it were a video, it would be all in slow motion and we would see her lift a clean dish out of the water and the water would be dripping in slow motion goodness from the edge of the dish as her well manicured hand very slowly lowered it to it's resting place in a designer drain rack. Then it would pan to a slow motion smile and you would see that she is smiling at her smiling children who are playing in the garden.

There is another photo of a dish rack that is shaped like a bunny and appears to hold maybe one dish in robins eggs blue with it's coordinating pink polka dot coffee mug. Great for a lonely Easter morning with breakfast for one.

Lastly, is the Japanese family who are joyous because they do not have a dishwasher. Although the article states that Japanese men are happy to wash the dishes, the husband is out of focus in the foreground. Instead, it is the smiling wife who receives the focus as she is the one feeling the joy of having the honor of washing the dishes in her spotless white kitchen while wearing what appears to be a white lab coat.

Dishwashing porn!!!!!!!

None of my experiences are like that. It is pretty much a matter of removing the cooked on starch from the inside of the pot and scouring off the browned bits on the bottom of the skillet. It is not pretty.

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