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E.Leijon is a Stockholm based company founded by me, Emelie Leijon.
To me, the most beautiful and interesting shapes and expressions have their roots and beginnings in nature. Inspired by flowers and trees, and their organic shapes, I create my patterns and designs.

My first collection Nordic Stories first started with ceramics, where I wanted to focus on the contrast between the fragile, intricate leaves and hard, clean ceramics. I am very happy that the ceramic collection later developed into fabrics, pillows and trays.

I produce my products with love and respect for the details and quality.
I believe in traditional craftsmanship with high awareness and understanding. Therefore, I'm very proud to collaborate with skillful artisans and to have the production close to me.
Kontakt: Emelie Leijon
Plats: Ektorpsvaegen 9
131 45