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Snickare & Timmermän i Falun, KS.

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Reclaimed Wood Creations Inc.
Snickare & Timmermän i Falun, KS.
Genomsnittligt omdöme: 5 av 5 stjärnor9 november 2014
Although I am not a client of Berry's, anyone searching for this product/service needs to read this: An attorney I worked for left it up to me to locate "the finest designer/builder money can buy" to build his family vacation cabin from reclaimed wood. After six months searching nationwide, we hired who we believed was the best - promptly followed by 2 years of frustrating delays and mishaps. About the same time, my brother was creating a castle-type home built by another builder/designer. After 3 years and some horrific errors, the 5 million dollar budget grew to 7 million. Compared to Berry's work, both the cabin and the castle look pre-fab. Because he never needs to advertise, it is nearly impossible to find Berry Craig. I recently stumbled across it accidentally. I dare not show his work to the lawyer or my brother, or they would both ache with regret. This was the world-class exquisite perfection they had hoped to hire but never found. Between his engineer's skill and artisan talent, I call him Berry de Vinci. Much continued success, Berry. Linda Richards. These comments can be verified by contacting me at gm4inet@gmail.com
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