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Elemental Designs was set up by Rachel Merrick and has successfully designed and built over 75 gardens over the last 12 years. If you know what you want then we can help deliver your vision, or we can develop ideas based on your requirements. At the end of the day we listen to what you wish to achieve and give you what you want rather than what we think you would like.

We have worked on all types of gardens and have completed a wide range of projects from 70 acre private estates to small urban gardens. Styles have varied from traditional to contemporary designs. The key is to deliver a garden that works for you and select plants that are suited to the local soil conditions and also your maintenance requirements.

With a strong interest in sustainability, we have also undertaken design and installation of a small rain garden, living walls, green roofs and both wildflower seed and wildflower turf projects.
Elemental Designs undertakes work from South London, Kent, Sussex and Surrey. Other areas considered please contact us to discuss further.

Tjänster som tillhandahålls
Decking Design, Garden Design, Garden Plans, Gazebo Design & Construction, Hardscaping, Patio Design, Site Planning

Verksam i följande områden
Crowborough, Wimbledon, Tonbridge, Sevenoaks, Haywards Heath

Certifieringar och utmärkelser
Diploma (Hons) Garden Design
Kontakt: Rachel Merrick
Plats: 2 Hillside Cottages
Mardens Hill
Crowborough, East Sussex TN6 1XL
07732 744988
Typisk jobbkostnad: £25,000 - 500,000
Kommenterade på: What is the tall purple flower in the back? Thanks! Verbena bonariensis best in a sunny spot, likes a well drained soil and when established will happily self seed. Generally grows to around 1.5m tall can get taller. Flowers throughout summer, one of ...
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Kommenterade på: Hello. What type of lavendar please? Thanks in advance. Dear Chris, the lavender photos that you have selected from my portfolio are Lavender Hidcote. I tend to use this one as it has a good compact growing habit and grows to around H.60 x S.60 cm
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Kommenterade på: Love the blue flower . What is it called please ? Verbena bonariensis, one of my signature flowers and always found in my gardens. Needs a sunny position, copes well with dry soils and can grow to 1.5+ if happy. It does tend to self seed, so you neve...
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Kommenterade på: How long would you estimate this look took to fill out? Thanks for your question, this garden was built from scratch and was originally a field. All the plants you see in this photo were planted in April 2012 and this photo was taken in 2014. The key is no...
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Kommenterade på: What is the name of the tall yellow flower? Hello, If I remember correctly it is a Helianthus, possibly Lemon Queen, which is a pale yellow daisy like flower that grows up to 1.5m tall.
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Kommenterade på: What kind of tree/bush is it with the red leaves? Hello, the larger shrub above the blue spires is Cotinus coggygria Grace, the shrub further along is Physocarpus opulifolius 'Lady in Red' Both plants are deciduous but are great feature plants in the...
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