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Jill Krol

One thing you should do in the beginning is write down what you DON'T like about your current kitchen. If you can keep your appliances in the same general space, it's less expensive. When you get a list of 3-4 contractors, make sure you investigate them with the State Contractor's Board. I don't know what that is called if you live outside of the United States. You want to make sure their license is up-to-date, they don't have litigation going, they do have workmen's compensation and a bond/insurance, etc. A kitchen remodel is a huge expense and you don't want to blow it by hiring someone not yet deemed competent by the Contractor's Board. Most people move every 5-7 years, so the most expensive cabinets are probably an unnecessary expense unless your budget is unlimited. You don't want to over-improve for the neighborhood and then move because you'll lose money. If you're expecting this to be your forever home, then spending for the best quality you can afford in the kitchen is a good idea. There are still ways to conserve the budget. For example, I'm keeping the refrigerator and dishwasher despite the fact that they aren't what I really want. They work but when they die, I will get new ones to match. I'm not keeping the stove even though it works. I want a range top and wall ovens. They will remain on the same wall as the stove so I don't have to have a gas line moved. If it made a negative impact on my remodel, then I would spend to move the gas line. Same thing with the sink/dishwasher. I'm keeping it as is, but with a new sink. A couple of the old cabinets are going in to the laundry room after being refinished and the rest will go in the garage with an inexpensive top. Get your measurements and put them on graph paper and have some fun getting some layout ideas. Bring it with you when you meet with the Kitchen Designer. If you aren't treated well when you interview the Designer, find another one. I ended up with an online designer for the cabinet brand I wanted because I was treated so poorly by the one 40 miles from my house. You're spending a load of cash, and they are making a profit, so you should be treated well. Look at the different cabinet brands and think about some of the things you want in your cabinets. Make sure you have plenty of drawers, pull outs where possible, and try to not use plastic Lazy Susans because they don't last. The drawers in the corner are cool looking but totally impractical, expensive and waste space. Better a blind cabinet with pull outs or a Lazy Susan. Don't forget to think about your pets and what you need for them, trash (where your preferred spot might be), a tilt-out to hide sponges, a 1-can deep pantry next to the fridge if you can't fit a regular pantry . . . just some food for thought.

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Thank you for the great article, this will be my first kitchen remodel. We built 20 years ago and we were clueless and of course wished we did more, but it wasn't horrible. I need everything, but will be updating appliances since my almond ones need to go, although they still work. I especially appreciate finding the contractors and investigating them with the state and checking thier insurances. Thanks again!!

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The articles are such a great help for planning an update to my home! Before and after

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