Officine Gullo | Villa Lumos

Sweden, in a magnificent villa dating back to the
early twentieth century, in Tyresö, on the shores of
the Stockholm Archipelago, Officine Gullo installed a
stove from its Restart collection. The homeowners,
thanks to the project by Refine Design Studio and
Himlekok chose to renovate their entire property
according to their family’s needs, desires, and style.
Loving to cook and spending a lot of time in the
kitchen, they wanted a kitchen that could be the true
heart of the home and a family gathering place. The
style chosen is a mix between country and
industrial, with very careful choices of materials. It
features shades of blue - a recurring colour throughout
the house - warmed by brass details.
The Restart kitchen perfectly matches the eclectic
and elegant design of the house. It is painted in
Graphite Grey with mat finish and burnished brass
details to match the rest of the kitchen. The retro-style
brass door embellishes the adjacent space,
replicating a perfect blend of old-world charm with
contemporary elegance. The appliance features a
double oven, a main electric oven, and a second
mini-oven with grill and rotisserie, and an induction
hob. Above the hob, one finds a custom-made hood
made entirely of steel that reminds of the appliance
colors, with elegant burnished brass edges that harmonize perfectly with the kitchen’s suspended light fixtures.
The stoves of the Restart collection are designed to fit into any kitchen and create unique environments. Each
creation is exclusive and designed to meet the needs of the client, customizable in colors and finishes.
Photo Credit : Osman Tahir

Exempel på ett avskilt, mellanstort lantligt linjärt kök, med en köksö —  Houzz
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