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Hidden Farmhouse Wishing WellHidden Farmhouse Wishing Well
Cummings Architecture + InteriorsCummings Architecture + Interiors
Inspiration för ett mellanstort vintage vit vitt en-suite badrum, med skåp i mellenmörkt trä, vit kakel, tunnelbanekakel, vita väggar, skiffergolv, ett undermonterad handfat, marmorbänkskiva, grått golv och dusch med gångjärnsdörr
Styling etagelägenhet 103kvmStyling etagelägenhet 103kvm
EJ InteriorEJ Interior
Idéer för att renovera ett mellanstort skandinaviskt vardagsrum, med vita väggar, ljust trägolv och beiget golv
Fixer Upper-Inspired Modern FarmhouseFixer Upper-Inspired Modern Farmhouse
Cypress Homes, Inc.Cypress Homes, Inc.
The clear doors allow you to see the beauty of this tile shower!
Idéer för att renovera ett mellanstort lantligt en-suite badrum, med en dusch i en alkov, grå väggar, klinkergolv i keramik, svart golv och dusch med gångjärnsdörr
Walk-in PantryWalk-in Pantry
Closet FactoryCloset Factory
This well designed pantry has baskets, trays, spice racks and many other pull-outs, which not only organizes the space, but transforms the pantry into an efficient, working area of the kitchen.
Timotejgatan 8Timotejgatan 8
VRÅ homestylingVRÅ homestyling
Inredning av ett modernt mellanstort gästrum, med vita väggar och mellanmörkt trägolv
HOUSE Helsingborg ABHOUSE Helsingborg AB
Inredning av ett minimalistiskt stort gästrum, med vita väggar och ljust trägolv
Homey ProjectHomey Project
Blue Copper DesignBlue Copper Design
blue accent wall, cozy farmhouse master bedroom with natural wood accents.
Foto på ett mellanstort lantligt huvudsovrum, med vita väggar, heltäckningsmatta och beiget golv
Oak Hill AdditionOak Hill Addition
The Kingston Group - Remodeling SpecialistsThe Kingston Group - Remodeling Specialists
Inredning av ett klassiskt stort vit vitt l-kök, med skåp i shakerstil, vita skåp, bänkskiva i kvarts, grått stänkskydd, stänkskydd i tunnelbanekakel, rostfria vitvaror, en köksö, brunt golv och mellanmörkt trägolv
White Damask Kohler Tailored Vanity with chrome Kelston faucet. Nothing adds elegance to a bathroom like a furniture-style bathroom cabinet. Especially when they’re available in a huge range of sizes and every wood finish you can imagine.
Lowry Hill Bathroom RemodelLowry Hill Bathroom Remodel
Jaimie Nelson DesignJaimie Nelson Design
Inspiration för små moderna en-suite badrum, med porslinskakel och marmorgolv
Western Springs TransitionalWestern Springs Transitional
Plain & PoshPlain & Posh
Exempel på ett mellanstort klassiskt grå grått en-suite badrum, med luckor med infälld panel, vita skåp, ett fristående badkar, en hörndusch, en toalettstol med hel cisternkåpa, grå kakel, marmorkakel, grå väggar, marmorgolv, ett undermonterad handfat, marmorbänkskiva, grått golv och dusch med gångjärnsdörr
dogs dreamdogs dream
Artistic Renovations of Ohio LLCArtistic Renovations of Ohio LLC
this dog wash is a great place to clean up your pets and give them the spa treatment they deserve. There is even an area to relax for your pet under the counter in the padded cabinet.
Flower Mound Transitional ModernFlower Mound Transitional Modern
Urbanology DesignsUrbanology Designs
Inspiration för ett stort vintage vit vitt kök, med skåp i shakerstil, vita skåp, bänkskiva i kvartsit, vitt stänkskydd, rostfria vitvaror, ljust trägolv, en köksö och beiget golv
Project MamanProject Maman
Idéer för ett avskilt, mellanstort maritimt vit u-kök, med en nedsänkt diskho, skåp i shakerstil, vita skåp, bänkskiva i kvarts, vitt stänkskydd, rostfria vitvaror, ljust trägolv och brunt golv
Visbeen ArchitectsVisbeen Architects
Idéer för mellanstora lantliga parallella vitt tvättstugor enbart för tvätt, med luckor med infälld panel, vita skåp, bänkskiva i kvarts, vita väggar, skiffergolv, en tvättmaskin och torktumlare bredvid varandra och blått golv
Fineline Vienna MarchFineline Vienna March
FineLine Kitchens, IncFineLine Kitchens, Inc
Hi everyone, I'm Sarah and Ogun we are here with fine line kitchens. So we are a couple working together. I do the interior design and remodeling of the space material selection meeting with the clients. And I handled operations outside, you know meaning all the construction work that is taking place the inside. The houses that we work in. I handle all the aspects of the construction, so today's project is very special. We're in Vienna and the client had a very big family. It's a family of seven that lives here. So we had a few aspects that we needed to keep in mind while designing this one. Having everybody be able to sit on the island. So we wanted plenty of seating all the way around. We didn't want anybody standing or anything like that. So what we did is we maximize the space. The center island is the biggest part of the kitchen. We use a natural stone to kind of give it a beautiful texture versus quartz. It's kind of standard white or kind of fabricated, so I wanted something very natural. We did this because I took my inspiration from the outside, so the inspiration if you look at the view right in front of me is there are so many greens there's a lot of brass accents and I wanted to bring this. Into this kitchen while designing it for my clients. She is very warm very. She wanted a very homey, comfy kind of look for the kitchen. So that's what we did today. As you can see, the cabinets are sage green, very light, so I still think it's a neutral, but it's a lighter color that again brings the outside in and we combine that with the oak right behind me so it's a slightly warm oak. It's not very dark. It's not very light. It's a medium brown and the same color went on the island. To kind of tie these two in and the backsplash, my favorite part is where you can see a little bit of design. It is, in my opinion still classic, but includes a pattern so the outside part is as we said in the beginning, is handled by my husband. I'd like him to speak a little bit about that. Thanks, Sarah, I want to talk to you guys a little bit about the construction part of this project. Originally this kitchen was located mostly in this area. They had their stove there sing. It was more of a peninsula layout in Sarah's and the customer vision they wanted. They wanted to get rid of the peninsula and they want to be able to have a huge island that can at least sit seven people because they're familiar with seven. So we wanted to make sure that we can achieve this design and bring it to life so that they can be happy with this layout. Some of the challenges we had, the house, the home being, you know, old home. There were a lot of you know the older electrical and plumbing that had to be replaced. We had to relocate the stove from here to this area. Over here we had put a nice foot fan that we had to relocate all the ductwork and the plumbing. Was being on the peninsula area. We had to relocate it to the center islands. So we achieved all this and kind of like bring it to bring in this kitchen up to date it looks beautiful. That's true, so yes, the old layout did not function for my clients because everything was kind of gathered on one side of the kitchen. So there was like a peninsula right there. So the end of this island kind of continued straight. And that was just the L shape. Kind of where everything was and there used to be another big table here, so they were using only kind of half of the space. So like I said at the beginning, our vision was to kind of feed everybody at the island, create some symmetry. 'cause I love that. So as you can see behind me, this is kind of the focal point symmetrical. Everything is kind of even we wanted to also panel the fridge here so it mimics the pantry and another size. So when you're looking at it, it is bringing again that symmetry back again. I hope you enjoyed this kitchen and this video and I'll see you soon. So how do you think this project turned out? It's nice. I like the color. I think it turned out nice. It's kind of like a little bit different color than what we always do. So I realize. Are you giving me a little bit of credit here that I did something different? Are you proud? I'm so proud of you. Other than that I like it. That they have kind of like a two sink. So if this was our kitchen, if we ever like you can have your own. I can have mine if we ever get into a fight then this can be like my own kitchen. Why are we gonna bring in a fight right now? So I'm cooking anyway. You're grilling most of the time, So what are you even talking about? My kitchen? That's my kitchen. You can just take the small sink. That's fine. It's always good to have your own space right there, so anyways. Thank you guys for watching. We hope to see you soon and if you have any questions please click the link below. It'll lead you to our website, house, YouTube and all of the social media is so nice to have you guys. We'll see you soon. Thanks bye bye-bye.
Absolute Hardwood Flooring IncAbsolute Hardwood Flooring Inc
Inspiration för mellanstora klassiska walk-in-closets för kvinnor, med öppna hyllor, vita skåp och mellanmörkt trägolv
Yardscapes NorthwestYardscapes Northwest
Inredning av en rustik mellanstor uteplats på baksidan av huset, med stämplad betong och en pergola
Modern Bohemian Tudor | Master BedroomModern Bohemian Tudor | Master Bedroom
Danielle Rose Design Co.Danielle Rose Design Co.
Idéer för mellanstora eklektiska sovrum, med blå väggar, mellanmörkt trägolv och brunt golv
Coastal Powder BathCoastal Powder Bath
Heiser DesignsHeiser Designs
Maritim inredning av ett litet vit vitt toalett, med skåp i shakerstil, blå skåp, vit kakel, marmorkakel, grå väggar, mellanmörkt trägolv, ett undermonterad handfat, bänkskiva i kvarts och brunt golv

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