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The Hills Group, Granite Bay, CAThe Hills Group, Granite Bay, CA
Emser TileEmser Tile
Lucente Ambrato Circle Mosaic, Style Plain White (walls/bench), Silver Marble (floor), Kat Alves Photography
Modern inredning av ett stort en-suite badrum, med en dubbeldusch, vit kakel, mosaik, vita väggar, klinkergolv i porslin och vitt golv
Custom Design - Kitchen - New American Home 2013Custom Design - Kitchen - New American Home 2013
Blue HeronBlue Heron
Photography by Trent Bell
Idéer för mycket stora funkis vitt kök, med en undermonterad diskho, släta luckor, skåp i mörkt trä, rostfria vitvaror, flera köksöar och beiget golv
Princess Margaret ResidencePrincess Margaret Residence
Carriage Lane Design-Build Inc.Carriage Lane Design-Build Inc.
Photography: Stephani Buchman
Inspiration för mellanstora moderna en-suite badrum, med ett undermonterad handfat, luckor med infälld panel, grå skåp, ett badkar i en alkov, en dusch/badkar-kombination, grå kakel, tunnelbanekakel, grå väggar, marmorgolv och grått golv
Photos by Shawn Lortie Photography
Inspiration för ett mellanstort funkis en-suite badrum, med en kantlös dusch, grå kakel, porslinskakel, grå väggar, klinkergolv i porslin, bänkskiva i akrylsten, grått golv, med dusch som är öppen, släta luckor, skåp i mellenmörkt trä och ett undermonterad handfat
Modern KitchenModern Kitchen
Angela Inzerillo Design, LLCAngela Inzerillo Design, LLC
Idéer för att renovera ett funkis grå grått u-kök, med släta luckor, grå skåp, bänkskiva i betong, grått stänkskydd, rostfria vitvaror och grått golv
Portland Oregon European Contemporary Kitchen RemodelPortland Oregon European Contemporary Kitchen Remodel
Pacific Northwest CabinetryPacific Northwest Cabinetry
Idéer för ett modernt kök, med stänkskydd i stickkakel, brunt stänkskydd, skåp i ljust trä, släta luckor och en undermonterad diskho
Minimalist Glamour - BathroomMinimalist Glamour - Bathroom
Minimalist glamour. Contemporary bathroom. Our client didn't want any tiles or grout lines. We chose Tadelakt for a unique, luxurious spa-like finish that adds warmth and changes in the light. https://decorbuddi.com/tadelakt-bathroom/
Sage Green Cabinet Master Bathroom RemodelSage Green Cabinet Master Bathroom Remodel
StoneUnlimited Kitchen and Bath RemodelingStoneUnlimited Kitchen and Bath Remodeling
This aesthetically pleasing master bathroom is the perfect place for our clients to start and end each day. Fully customized shower fixtures and a deep soaking tub will provide the perfect solutions to destress and unwind. Our client's love for plants translates beautifully into this space with a sage green double vanity that brings life and serenity into their master bath retreat. Opting to utilize softer patterned tile throughout the space, makes it more visually expansive while gold accessories, natural wood elements, and strategically placed rugs throughout the room, make it warm and inviting. Committing to a color scheme in a space can be overwhelming at times when considering the number of options that are available. This master bath is a perfect example of how to incorporate color into a room tastefully, while still having a cohesive design. Items used in this space include: Waypoint Living Spaces Cabinetry in Sage Green Calacatta Italia Manufactured Quartz Vanity Tops Elegant Stone Onice Bianco Tile Natural Marble Herringbone Tile Delta Cassidy Collection Fixtures Want to see more samples of our work or before and after photographs of this project? Visit the Stoneunlimited Kitchen and Bath website: www.stoneunlimited.net Stoneunlimited Kitchen and Bath is a full scope, full service, turnkey business. We do it all so that you don’t have to. You get to do the fun part of approving the design, picking your materials and making selections with our guidance and we take care of everything else. We provide you with 3D and 4D conceptual designs so that you can see your project come to life. Materials such as tile, fixtures, sinks, shower enclosures, flooring, cabinetry and countertops are ordered through us, inspected by us and installed by us. We are also a fabricator, so we fabricate all the countertops. We assign and manage the schedule and the workers that will be in your home taking care of the installation. We provide painting, electrical, plumbing as well as cabinetry services for your project from start to finish. So, when I say we do it, we truly do it all!
Moody Beverage CenterMoody Beverage Center
Tracy Berman InteriorsTracy Berman Interiors
This beverage center is located adjacent to the kitchen and joint living area composed of greys, whites and blue accents. Our main focus was to create a space that would grab people’s attention, and be a feature of the kitchen. The cabinet color is a rich blue (amalfi) that creates a moody, elegant, and sleek atmosphere for the perfect cocktail hour. This client is one who is not afraid to add sparkle, use fun patterns, and design with bold colors. For that added fun design we utilized glass Vihara tile in a iridescent finish along the back wall and behind the floating shelves. The cabinets with glass doors also have a wood mullion for an added accent. This gave our client a space to feature his beautiful collection of specialty glassware. The quilted hardware in a polished chrome finish adds that extra sparkle element to the design. This design maximizes storage space with a lazy susan in the corner, and pull-out cabinet organizers for beverages, spirits, and utensils.
Aristide BriandAristide Briand
Victoria DouyèreVictoria Douyère
Bild på ett funkis hem
Navy Master BathroomNavy Master Bathroom
Riki S. DesignRiki S. Design
Modern master bathroom featuring large format Carrara porcelain tiles, herringbone marble flooring, and custom navy vanity.
Idéer för mellanstora funkis vitt en-suite badrum, med skåp i shakerstil, blå skåp, en hörndusch, flerfärgad kakel, porslinskakel, marmorgolv, marmorbänkskiva, grått golv och dusch med gångjärnsdörr
McDermott ProjectMcDermott Project
Truss Interiors & RenovationsTruss Interiors & Renovations
Inredning av ett modernt gästrum, med vita väggar, mellanmörkt trägolv och brunt golv
Naibu DesignNaibu Design
Inspiration för moderna kök
Wingaersheek BeachWingaersheek Beach
Diane Murphy Interiors, LLC.Diane Murphy Interiors, LLC.
Image of Guest Bathroom. In this high contrast bathroom the dark Navy Blue vanity and shower wall tile installed in chevron pattern pop off of this otherwise neutral, white space. The white grout helps to accentuate the tile pattern on the blue accent wall in the shower for more interest.
Westlake Luxury Grand Room RemodelWestlake Luxury Grand Room Remodel
Rare HomesRare Homes
Modern living room
Inredning av ett modernt stort allrum med öppen planlösning, med vita väggar, klinkergolv i porslin, vitt golv, en standard öppen spis och en spiselkrans i trä
The Forest Way Project: Minimal Master Bathroom DesignThe Forest Way Project: Minimal Master Bathroom Design
Mavella HomeMavella Home
A stunning minimal master bathroom featuring marble shower herringbone and mosaic floor tiles. Also features a modern floating toilet, quartz shower bench, and custom white oak shaker vanity with stacked quartz countertop.
Navy Blue Kitchen Cabinets Perfect Fit for a Classy and Sophisticated KitchenNavy Blue Kitchen Cabinets Perfect Fit for a Classy and Sophisticated Kitchen
Save homeSave home
The kitchen space in your house is where you will be preparing meals for yourself and your family, sharing dinner with your loved ones after a long day at work, and maybe even entertaining guests from time to time. Therefore, it is imperative for your kitchen – which is at the heart of your household – to be functional, durable, comfortable, and aesthetically appealing. Please click Verdivurdering Oslo

If you want to bring an element of vibrant color and sophistication into your kitchen space, then you might consider investing in a set of high-quality navy blue kitchen cabinets manufactured by a reputed brand or company such as Cabinet DIY. Navy is a chic and smart shade of blue that can create an ambiance of calm and elegant modernity in your interiors.

Navy blue kitchen cabinets will be unique enough to help you stand out without too much extra effort, while also blending in perfectly with most types of kitchen décor. If your kitchen is otherwise monochrome or light-colored, then a set of navy blue kitchen cabinets will also imbue the space with some much-needed energy and radiance. You can also accessorize navy blue cabinets with chrome hinges and knobs, colorful accents, and other elements that will breathe more life into your interiors.

Another advantage of installing navy blue RTA cabinets in your kitchen is that they are extremely affordable, durable, and easy to maintain. Moreover, RTA cabinets are widely available in a variety of shades, finishes, and textures. As they are quite easy to install, navy blue RTA kitchen cabinets are becoming more and more popular among homeowners around the country.

Ideas for Designing a Kitchen with Navy Blue Cabinets

To make the most of your world-class navy blue kitchen cabinets, you should know about some of the most popular design trends that have enthralled interior decorators in recent years. Mentioned below are some unique ideas to make the most of navy blue kitchen cabinets by designing the kitchen space in a thoughtful and innovative manner.

1. Navy Blue Base Cabinets

If you want to try out a set of navy blue kitchen cabinets in your interiors but don’t want to commit fully yet, then you can consider buying a set of blue base cabinets. The base cabinets are often ignored because they’re below the eye level, so using a vibrant and remarkable color for these cabinets will allow them to draw attention and stand out. The upper cabinets can be white or gray, so that the color scheme doesn’t become too overwhelming.

2. Narrow Focus

If you don’t want to paint every cabinet in your kitchen navy blue, then another alternative is to choose a focal piece for the entire kitchen. One popular option is to install a large, spacious pantry cabinet with a painted, navy blue finish. All the other cabinets – including the upper and base cabinets – can be painted in muted whites and grays. This will help make your kitchen space feel minimalistic, chic, and stylish.

3. Proper Lighting

To emphasize the beauty of the elegant navy blue kitchen cabinets, you must ensure sufficient lighting in your kitchen area. The navy blue cabinets must receive adequate natural light, for which they need to be placed close to a window or balcony. Alternatively, you could also use artificial lights including strategically placed chandeliers or pendant lights to illuminate your unique navy blue kitchen cabinets and enhance the visual appeal of your home.

4. Contrasting Backsplashes

You can make the navy blue kitchen cabinets stand out by investing in a set of contrasting backsplashes or feature walls. Hence, light-colored, marble backsplashes might be ideal for such a kitchen, as they would not draw your eyes away from the cabinets or make the kitchen look too busy and colorful. Warm wooden shades and sophisticated grays are some other options that you could consider when designing a kitchen around navy blue cabinetry.

5. Metallic Appliances

Clean-lined gloss cabinets can create an aura of chic, sophisticated modernity when combined with metallic kitchen appliances such as chimneys, ovens, and coffee machines. Metallic appliances, if maintained properly, will make the kitchen look glossy and state-of-the-art. Paired with a set of cool blue cabinets, this design could work wonders for small, urban kitchens. Those who want to make the most of a small space would benefit most from choosing this décor.

In Conclusion

As you can see, there are many ways of creating a beautiful and elegant kitchen space with the help of navy blue RTA cabinets. All you have to do is use your imagination (and a bit of help from a design professional) to create the type of kitchen that suits your personal needs and preferences. High-quality and well-maintained navy blue kitchen cabinets can enhance the functionality and visual appeal of almost any home.
Laurel GroveLaurel Grove
Kirsten Johnstone ArchitectureKirsten Johnstone Architecture
Idéer för mellanstora funkis terrasser längs med huset, med takförlängning

7 762 683 foton på modern design och inredning

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